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Grind and Glaze Collage

Collection One

An ode to the universe in which I grew up, Grind and Glaze is the reflection of my past imagination. Dreamlike memories of the water-powered mill, the woods, and the barn illustrate my lyrical upbringing, while the art of flour and clay, elements of wabi sabi, and the sacredness of hands pay homage to my parents: the miller and the potter. Through my childhood eyes, I created this collection for a woman who I imagined would wear it while spending time in the daydreams of my youth. Exaggerated sleeves protect the hands, and black porcelain hardware, handmade by my mother, embody the imperfection found in wabi sabi aesthetics.

models madeline palmer, terese ostendorf, alex herrman, jennifer murray    |    photographer amber garrett

model cheyenne mecier    |    photographer courtney sinclair